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This month we’ve got Tom Kelly and David Luna joining us to give us talks about Gamification and the FIDO Alliance.


Gamification has quickly become the new marketting buzzword to push for, but what does it really involve, and is it right for you?

This talk takes a look at what Gamification involves, and how it has been used. You’ll see the core concepts of games (not just video games), and how these motivate players to keep playing.

We will take a look at how these ideas can be applied to other products to increase their user base and usability, and some games which you can use to increase your own productivity. We will also take a look at the dangers of how haphazardly applying these concepts can damage a product.

FIDO Alliance, Passwordless Authentication

Passwords are crap. That’s the basic premise behind the thinking of the FIDO Alliance, a collection of companies coming together to produce specifications intent of bringing advancements to the problems facing modern authentication. Their initial draft specifications for a Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) and Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) present a new paradigm for authentication, utilising public key infrastructure with a focus on pluggable authentication via a user’s personal, local device.

This brief talk will give a introduction to the FIDO Alliance, the core principles of and the two current draft specifications, looking at new ways of authenticating in the passwordless near-future.


YouTube Channel now live

Posted by James on 09 Oct 2013

We’re pleased to announce that our YouTube channel is now live and has this month’s talks on it for you to watch now.

We intend to record each month’s talks and post the videos there.


Coming soon!

Posted by James on 17 Jul 2013

Hello and thanks for dropping by. We’re starting our new meetup group very soon - please keep checking back to see what’s going on.

Meetings will be held on the first Thursday of each month, starting September 2013. We welcome talks about anything IT-based - particularly, but not exclusively, programming-centred. If you would like to present a talk, please get in touch via our Twitter account.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please sign up for our group and register to attend the sessions you are interested in, so that we can cater for the right amount of beer and pizza!

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